How to convert a bootable pen drive to a normal one?

Here follow these instructions :

Start administrator’s command prompt:

  • Open start menu
  • Type cmd
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Fire up the utility called diskpart. Literally, enter DISKPART command.

DISKPART> prompt should appear.

Now in diskpart prompt type: LIST DISK and it will list all your Disks including your USB drive. Note the Disk number.

Type the SELECT DISK <num>, where<num> is your USB disk number. Just look for right capacity of the drive.

List all partitions on it: LIST PARTITION.

For every one of them type: SELECT PARTITION <num>, where <num> is the number of partition and DELETE PARTITION.

Now check there aren’t any of partitions left: LIST PARTITION. If there aren’t any create one partition:

CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY – If it asks about size, just use the default value – it is the max capacity

FORMAT FS=FAT32 QUICK – I think USB flash drives use FAT32 filesystem by default. You could use NTFS instead too.

I have attached the screenshots below:



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